Every human is different.
We all look different.
We all think different.
We are all unique.
We believe actions speak louder than words.
Therefore creating THE MUTE MUTANTS CLUB.


Which blockchain?

Cardano. As we have watched the cardano blockchain develop we think it is the best option.

How many will be minted?

A total of 4444 mutants. 2 drops of 2222 (A total of 15 will be held for giveaways and marketing)


44 ADA to mint.

Launch Date?

First drop - November 12 at 11pm UTC.


There will be no rarity ranks as we want each piece to be valuable and looked at as unique art.




The Mute Mutants is a collection of
4444 uniquely generated pieces of art with,
79 different backgrounds,
66 different characters,
77 different assets (hair, hats, tails, ears, wings etc.),
15 different eyes,
making it around 6 million different combinations,
bringing hypebeast to the nft space combining an original character with pop culture,
some being rarer than others.
Demonstrating each character is unique in their own way, thus bringing in more diversity and inclusivity.


Twitter & Discord giveaways. Introduce the exclusive insentive.
Finalise the MMC designs.
Sneak peak + release date trailers.
Finalise the back-end minting process for a smooth launch.
The Mute Mutants Club launches their 1st drop of 2222. (November 12 at 11pm UTC)
Drop The Mute Mutants on CNFT tools explorer.
Send out 5% of profits to the members chosen for the exclusive insentive.
A Mute Mutants Club operated Cardano stakepool.
The Mute Mutants Club limited merch store. Start to develop the brand.
Plans for a new private website for holders, for exclusive benefits & tournaments with prize pools for example poker prize pool games night.
Blue print CNFT drop exclusive to only the holders of the first drop. The blue print drop will be a way to redeem a physical vinyl figure.
Partner with other brands/clothing/skate shops, holders of the first drop receiving royalties.
Future Development Ideas
Don't want to get too ahead of ourselves and give too much away, but are excited to see where this brand takes us and the community.


I have been in the crypto space for 2 and a half years now. Watching it develop and grow, especially when it comes to NFT's. I believe NFT's are here to stay, therefore I am here to stay. To develop and grow the project and brand. I am a strong believer that cryptocurrency is the future, and as the crypto space develops, including the Cardano ecosystem, I am excited to see how our project will develop. I have big visions and ideas, so it's time I implement them. The whole collection is finely designed submerged with a colourful palette to highlight each unique artwork as a result exhibiting individuality. I have had help from my friends, but didn't want to give the community the wrong idea by adding them to this section. I am outsourcing the back-end development side of things to a trusted professional team of 4 developers. More information on the discord.
Ethan D.
The Founder & Designer
Back-End Development
Back-End Development